Kasiisi Project Updates

Kasiisi Girls Get a New Supporter

JustGoGirl Logo

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Just Go Girl to expand our sanitary pad and sexual health education programs.

Pads arrive at Kasiisi Project office

Pads arrive at Kasiisi Project office

We received our first shipment of donated pads last week and have already started distributing them to our girls. The pads are slightly different in shape from those the girls are used to,  so we expect interesting feedback.

Peace Corps Volunteer Katelyn Wigmore talks about the new pads to girls from Kigarama Primary School

Peace Corps Volunteer Katelyn Wigmore talks about the new pads to girls from Kigarama Primary School

Girls at Kyanawara receiving them

Girls from Kyanyawara Primary School receive their new pads

Many thanks to everyone at Just GoGirls for their interest and support. To be able to extend our successful girls’ programs to more schools is a huge privilege.

Demontstration of how to attach the pads to underwear

Demonstration of how to attach the pads to underwear

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Kasiisi Photography Project 2015

Polly6In collaboration with the Urban Assembly School in the Bronx, Bronx Zoo and Brookwood School in Manchester, Massachusetts, we have launched our photography project for 2015. Helped by Princeton in Africa volunteer Max Sugarman, students from Kiko primary school are busy taking photos, which will be exhibited along with those taken by students from Brookwood and the Bronx.

Aliganyira3 Aliganyira9 Aliganyira10

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Drop Everything and Read Day at Kasiisi Project Schools



Kasiisi Students “Drop Everything and Read”


Kyakatara Students “Drop Everything and Read”

Seven Kasiisi Project/Kibale Forest Schools Program schools participated in Uganda’s Drop Everything and Read Day on March 5th – Kasiisi School lent books to Pere Achte, Iruhuura, Kiko and Kiamara. Kigarama now has its own library  and Kyakatara was able to obtain books through its Peace Corps Volunteer.


Reading aloud on “Drop Everything and Read ” day

At Kasiisi  literacy teacher Musinguzi Moses addressed the entire school and then selected teachers took responsibility for each class and they spread out around the school compound. Groups from primary six and seven read silently, sometimes as individuals and others in groups of three or four. Younger pupils had one classmate at a time reading out loud to them.
Project Field Director Jim Fenton read two books to the nursery children. Most of them were completely engrossed and greeted the colorful pictures on each new page with ‘wow!’


Parents join in “Drop Everything and Read” at Kigarama

At Kigarama 250 parents attended and read along with their children. Teachers read aloud to younger children with older kids taking a book each. Kigarama alumnus and local business Richard Tooro – owner of safari company Kabarole Tours – read alongside the children and then told them how important reading has been to his success and how every Saturday he would walk 15km each way to Fort Portal library to borrow 2 books a week.


Richard Tooro joins students for 30 quiet minutes of “Drop Everything and Read”


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Kigarama Library Gets 3000 New Books


Books Laid Out in Kigarama Library

Kasiisi Project Literacy Director, Barbara Stevens and her husband Wayne Lobb spent 3 weeks unpacking and shelving  3,000 books at Kigarama library in February. Thanks to donations from Weston Public Library, Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord, MA, and UK based Book Aid International the shelves at Kigarama Library, built in 2013, are now looking much fuller.


Wayne Lobb Unpacks Books in Kigarama Library


Barbara and 103 Kigarama Grade 2 Students Share New Books

Books groups were started and teachers were able for the first time to prepare lessons using encyclopedias.


Barbara Stevens Leads Book Group Started by 4 Students in P6 and P7


Teachers Consult Encyclopedias

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Girl’s Dormitories open at Kasiisi Primary School

KP Dorm_1

Kasiisi School Dormitory – Completed Girls’ Wing on Right.

The girls’ wing of the dormitories at Kasiisi Primary School opened last month at the start of the new school year, adding to the suite of girl focused interventions we have initiated to keep them in school. Girls face many challenges to getting a good education. We have addressed their unique biology with sanitary supplies, girl friendly latrines and sexual health education. However long walks to school,  chores at home and lack of light to do homework by also interfere with academic progress. Our students cite issues of sexual harassment on the way to school and fear of rape – concerns their parents share and which lead them to keep adolescent girls at home. In addition to these advantages, boarding students also have access to extra academic support and the school library.

feb 23 2015-86

Girl’s Dormitory Bunk

feb 23 2015-79






Now we have to find money to finish the boys side. Their challenges, more tightly tied to the family economy are much more intractable. They drop out of primary school at faster rates than girls and their absenteeism rates are higher. Uneducated boys seeing their sisters surpass them are not good for anyone, least of all for girls. Boarding will help manage the gap, but we need the money to complete their dormitory. So if you are interested in supporting girls please consider a donation to our boys dormitory!

feb 23 2015-94

Kasiisi School Dining Room



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Community Birding in Kasiisi Project Schools

Kasiisi WLC Birding 3

Kasiisi Wildlife Club Birding Expedition

Kibale Forest Schools Program/Kasiisi Project director Jim Fenton has brought his passion for birds to our schools by starting a community birding program in the Wildlife Clubs, helped by Sylvester a keen local birder. For many of us birdwatching was the introduction to wildlife that led to careers and lifelong involvement in conservation. For our children, who rarely get to see the magnificent wildlife in their National Parks, birds are an accessible way to learn about many of the challenges faced by their environment.

Kasiisi WLC Birding 4

Identifying birds using Disney funded field guides

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Growing Live Trade Market Threatens Great Apes

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 14.32.56

The Great Ape Survival Partnership marks World Wildlife day with a short but arresting  movie highlighting a serious and growing threat to Great Apes. They have their forests cleared, they are hunted as bush meat and now they are increasingly illegally traded  to Asia and the Middle East for zoos and private collections. Click here to take a look.

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Kasiisi Project Schools’ Best Year Yet


Students at Kasiisi Primary School do soil tests








Kasiisi Primary School attained the second best score in the 2014 Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) for a government primary schools in the whole of Kabarole District  with 76% of its students attaining Grade 1 passes. For the first time we had students with an aggregate score of 5 – a girl at Kigarama and a boy at Kiko. The best score possible is a 4.

Now we would like to give the most able of them a chance at a high quality secondary education and the brightest future possible.

Has it been in your mind that you might like to sponsor one of our students for secondary school but haven’t quite got around to doing it? Can you commit to 4 years of a full or partial scholarship? Can you do it this year? To be able to sponsor 2 students of  each sex  this year we need someone,  or a group of someones,  to support a boy.

If you are interested please contact elizabeth@kasiisiproject.org and we will give you all the details.

In the meantime congratulations and huge thanks to everyone who has helped our schools excel – either with generous contributions, hard work or both!

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Happy Holidays from the Kasiisi Project


kasiisi-2014All of us at the Kasiisi Project  wish you a very happy holiday season. We thank you for the enormous generosity that has allowed us to keep our programs running and even expand some.

We would also like to remind those of you who still wish to make year-end charitable donations that December 31st is fast approaching. Please consider The Kasiisi Project  either with a donation via cheque or the paypal button on our website. Our overheads for 2013-2014 were 2.2% – you can be assured that over 97% of your donations support programs in Uganda.

Or if you wish to combine assisting us with checking off the last few gifts on your list , we can do that too. Current needs in addition to scholarship sponsors for 2015 include:


Installing Beehives on the Kasiisi Farm


Bunk Bed for the new Girls’ Dormitory

Beehives @ $40 each

Bunk beds for our Girls Dormitory due to open February 2015 @ $80 each

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 12.15.23Here is where we are with reaching our goals – can you help fill the gap for us and maybe finish off your holiday shopping at the same time?

If you tell us who and where we will send cards to the recipients from you. For additional information e-mail elizabeth@kasiisiproject.org



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A Week at the Kasiisi Project


Kasiisi Project Wildlife Clubs with flamingos on a Field Trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park

 We thought you might like a glimpse into what happens during a typical week of project work in Uganda: Below are the minutes of the staff meeting for the week beginning 11/11/14.


Kibale Chimpanzee Project Snare Removal Team and Pere Achte Primary School Wildlife Club

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 17.10.35Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 17.26.40Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 17.33.08




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