Annual Reports


Over the past year, The Kasiisi Project has both maintained current programs and started new ones. With the guidance of school principals, teachers and parents we have invested in initiatives that are important to students and the community. We have solidified partnerships with local and international organizations and added new ones. The year has been a bumper one for volunteers. From social entrepreneurship, to cooking lessons, yoga and bee keeping, marketing and accounting, they have helped make our schools among the best in the district. Our first scholarship student graduated from medical school and a third library was built. Students took lessons learned in the classroom into their communities and built 60 improved cook-­‐stoves and Wildlife Clubs strengthened and grew. For all these and many other wonderful programs we thank everyone who has contributed to the project: generous donors, active volunteers and the foundations and zoos, which gave us grants – Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, Lalor Foundation, Cleveland Zoo, Columbus Zoo, North Carolina Zoo and the Jane Goodall Institute.


Download the 2014 Annual Report